What is a smoothie?

A delicious, powerful blend of organic superfoods, fruits and vegetables full of fibre, flavour and natural goodness, a Root Smoothie is a nutrient rich drink that you can whip up in no time, to fill you up in no time.

How does Root Smoothie work?

Simply, we do all the hard work for you. We source, prepare and deliver all the organic ingredients and superfoods you need to make healthy, delicious and functional smoothies. Visit our about page for more info.

How often do the deliveries arrive?

Choose from weekly, bi-monthy or monthly deliveries, we understand that everyone’s lives, and freezers, are different. 

We currently ship on Mondays, and depending where you are located, your blends will arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. See our delivery map here.

Can I tailor my delivery?

You can choose blends that are designed and supercharged to help you achieve your health goals. Read here to see how you can make Root Smoothie even better for you.